About us

Vooruwbus.nl The Netherlands

Vooruwbus.nl is located in Veghel, situated between Den Bosch and Eindhoven. Equipped with a showroom, large warehouse, and workshop, we can advise and assist you from start to finish in outfitting your delivery van. You can also consult with us to explore customization options.

We are the most comprehensive online store for robust car accessories in Europe. In our extensive range, we offer suitable accessories for over 116 different car models, spanning 17 brands, and this selection continues to grow. We only deliver top-quality products carefully produced by ourselves and our suppliers. In our own workshop, we not only enjoy fitting accessories to your delivery van, but we also manufacture TÜV/ABE-approved sidebars.

Our accessories are designed not only to enhance the appearance of your van but also to provide extra protection. An accessory should add something to your vehicle: aesthetically, functionally, or in terms of safety. As we make purchases on a European scale, we can offer our range at very competitive prices.

We are happy to carry out installations for you in our workshop. This workshop is fully equipped, and we install while you wait, enjoying a nice cup of coffee. Service is a keyword for us. We always strive for the utmost and focus on solutions. There's a reason we follow a 10+ service policy. We aim to demonstrate this through our 10 assurances.

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